Frequently Asked Questions

We use several kinds of printing methods, so our range of products include

* laser cut invitations, envelopes, 3 dimensional cards
* letterpress invitations with unique design
* thermography printed invitations
* foil printed and embossed monograms, figures, frames
* stationery sets for any model, or specific design you request
* unique wedding favors and gifts, all produced in-house
* high quality with affordable prices
* production period of 1-2 weeks (depending on the model)
* short delivery period of 7-10 days

How we meet your needs ?

Our range of invitations can be
* produced in 50 units, or 5000 units of mass production, whatever your need is printed in any colours you wish, on any paper you choose,(note that the pricing will change accordingly)
* customised with your selection of colours, fonts and design details
* ornamented with accessories matching your wedding concept

What you can ask for ?

* Custom design for your specific needs
* Matching wedding stationery sets
* Matching wedding favors and gifts

Our wedding invitation collection features several different styles; elegant, vintage, classic, modern. All are handmade with unique design and accessories.
We can also create a special custom design wedding invitation or stationery set,
and make the most memorable day of your life…

* Select your wedding invitation from our wide range of styles.
* If you want a custom design, send us your ideas, colors, and design style and we will create a custom invitation for you with our design service.
* Send us your wedding ceremony details and we will design your wedding invitation, and e-mail it to you for your approval. The design process may take 7-15 days, depending on the details of your design.
* Choose the paper, the colors, printing method and accessories to create the invitation and stationery matching your wedding concept.
* The minimum order is 100 units, and increment in 10 pieces.
* Give your final approval for your invitation and stationery sets by mail, and we will send you an invoice through Paypal.
* After receiving your payment, we will print your invitations and send your package to your address. Production takes between 7-15 days, depending on the type of production and, handmade production details. order form

Your Wedding Ceremony is great news for your loved ones and they do not want to miss it, so mail your invitations to your guests at least 3-4 months prior to your wedding date. Generally brides are happy to mail their wedding invitations 6 months prior to their wedding.

When we get the final approval of your wedding invitations, production takes about 7-15 days depending on the specific production type, handmade touches, and ornaments. So, taking into account the design process, please make sure you allocate nearly one month for the design and production phase of your invitations and stationery.

You are always welcome to ask any specific questions about your invitations, favors, stationery sets… whatever is on your mind, we will be happy to serve you to provide the perfect invitations for your wedding.

Our pricing includes the placement of your wording / images into your chosen theme/layout,
plus 3 sets of text amendments at proof stage. We send your wedding invitation design by e-mail for your approval.
If you ask for printed samples, we produce digital printing proofs, prior to printing process, and send to you at your cost of cargo charges + sample production cost. Please note that the colours may vary because of the digital printing method.

After your final approval of the design by email, we start production of your order.
Once approved, no alterations may be undertaken. Signed approval back to us will confirm the completion of your order.

We can provide design service for your special custom invitations and stationery. Our 3D invitations can also be customised.
The design service will be charged on project basis, depending on the complexity of the artwork needed.

All copyright is wholly owned and reserved by LovelyKnot wedding invitations. All designs are exclusive and original to LovelyKnot wedding invitations and are protected by copyright law. It is not allowed to copy in whole or in part any of the designs, layout, photography created by Lovely Knot wedding invitations.

It is illegal to reproduce any item, text, copy, design or content from this site without express permission from LovelyKnot wedding invitations. Modification and/or reuse of stationery for other occasions/uses is prohibited.

LovelyKnot wedding invitations, holds ownership and copyright on all designs whether custom or existing. Violations of copyright on any of our content including design, text, imagery or other will be vigorously pursued.

At LovelyKnot, our professional design team love to create unique wedding invitations, stationery sets and much more…

You can provide the artwork ready to be printed, or we can create the design you are looking for your order.
As you provide us the information of your order, by a ready prepared file, or by filling out our Order Form,
we work on the design, and send you the artwork for your approval.

The artwork will be provided in pdf format, and will be e-mailed to you for your approval before printing.
Client errors that are signed off through the proofing process are to be reprinted at the clients expense.
It is the client’s responsibility to check all artwork is correct. Ensure that all text supplied is as final as possible,
we allow for 3 sets of text amendments at proof stage.
Please check the artwork in detail, and approve by email.
Please be aware that due to variations in monitors and also to the different print process we use,
the appearance of colours and images in the finished product may vary to how they look on your screen
or to prints from other sources.

Once your approval has been received, your order will be delivered to our printing department.

Samples can be provided, on the approved artwork upon your request.
The sample will be delivered to your address after your payment of the min. cargo charge of 25 US$ + the sample production cost.

As per our Printing/Colour policy, there may be a slight variance in colour to the proof and your final print run.

We accept images, your own art works via our upload page.

Please ensure digital images have been taken at the highest pixel setting and size on your camera (Preferably 300 dpi).
LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations will examine your images upon receipt and advise to the best of our ability if their resolution is high enough to produce a quality print. LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations reserves the right to refuse to use images that are not of suitable quality or offensive in nature.

Please be aware that printed images may differ in color, darkness/lightness and quality to that of prints from other sources/print methods and to that of how they appear on your screen. This is due to the different printing processes and techniques that are used to create your stationery.
LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations will not be responsible for variations in colour/quality due to our printing processes, or for flaws in the image that you have supplied us.

Privacy / Ownership of Photography

By supplying images to LovelyKnot wedding invitations, for use in stationery, you certify that;
1. You are the parent or guardian of the baby or child, or have obtained the consent of the parent or guardian to use the photos provided.
2. You have the rights to use any information and / or pictures supplied by yourself.
3. Professional images that are provided to you by a professional photographer may be protected by copyright laws and cannot be reproduced without permission from the photographer.

By supplying images to LovelyKnot wedding invitations, you agree to hold harmless and to indemnify Lovely Knot wedding invitations, for all liability, damages, and expenses it may incur as a result of processing and printing copy written photographs and reproductions, including any other person claiming an interest in the photos. Lovely Knot wedding invitations, reserves the right to refuse to use images and cancel your order if we suspect the images may infringe on someone else’s copyright.

As a 25 years old printing company, we take pride in the quality of our work and assure you that all of our stationery is printed to the highest professional standards.

We produce all our products in-house, using the following techniques;
Offset/flat printing, digital printing, letterpress, foil stamping, laser cutting, laser burning, thermography (raised) printing, Varnish printing, silk screening, embossing.
We use high standard environmental Flint Group Inks.

It is possible that subtle colour variations can occur between each model produced.
This is not the fault of the design, but a natural effect of the printing process.
There can also be colour variations between stock types because of the way the ink sits on satin stock (which is smooth) compared to shimmer stock (which is slightly textured).Therefore designs printed on shimmer can have a variation in colour and look compared to those printed on satin deluxe.

Please also be aware that due to variations in monitors and also to the different print processes we use, the appearance of colours and images in the finished product may vary as to how they look in the proofs on your screen or to prints from other sources.

Stationery can not be refunded or returned because of normal printing effects.

We can print the addresses on your envelopes, with matching font and colors of your invitations. We have our excel file for filling the addresses, we send all the addresses for your approval, and than digitally print on the envelopes. You can find the addressing format excel file on “Dealer Resources” page.

Every order is printed individually, therefore full payment is required before work will commence on your job.

PayPal Payment
You can complete your payment by Paypal. We send you invoice through Paypal, and after your payment is received, we will ship your order to your address. Paypal is one of the most reliable payment systems, where you don’t need to share your credit card information with third parties.

Bank Deposit & Money Order
We also accept bank deposit and money order. Using these methods will require payment to be cleared before work will commence on your order.
When making payments by direct bank deposit, please ensure you make a note of your name in the description section. An e-mail once you have deposited your funds would also be appreciated.
Bank Account Details
Bank of America,
Account Number 394005141560
Incoming wire transfer 026009593

Mail Order
If you prefer you can download mail order form order form and send it by mail or fax to us for payment.

We delightedly accept orders from all around the globe.
All our invitations are printed in-house and delivered to you completed, in order to keep our high quality.
We work with Fg edex, for international delivery service. The delivery takes generally 3-4 days, to Europe and to USA.
The cargo charges starts from 25 US$ depending on the weight and size of each package. We calculate each cargo cost on order basis.
Our price lists does not include shipping costs or any other fees. You are not paying VAT for our products according to the export regulations of our country.
Please note, you will be responsible for any applicable duties and taxes in your own country on arrival of the parcel.
Please check with your country authorities if any of these apply to you prior to order.
If you wish we can deliver the product with your shipping company, also.

For further information on international delivery, please contact us.

Please choose the model and control the proof e-mail carefully.
Due to the nature of our work and time involved in creating and designing our stationery, we cannot refund payment once proofs have been produced simply because you have changed your mind.

Copyright Design Credit
The items you are purchasing are exclusive to LovelyKnot wedding invitations. As such all stationery pieces will include a small unobtrusive copyright
“LovelyKnot Logo” printed backside of the stationery.
If you would like the copyright removed from your stationery, please e-mail us prior to order to request.

All paper range used at LovelyKnot wedding cards are recyclable, or %30 to %100 recycled papers.
All of or invitations and stationery sets are printed on FSC certificated paper products.

FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) is a nonprofit, free foundation that accepts forests environmentally and supports the use of economic and help socially. Vision of FSC is, using the forests proper for the current generation’s social, ecological and economic rights and needs, without compromising the needs and rights of future generations.

PEFC (Forest Protection and Chain of Custody Certification)
PEFC certification, sustainability using paper made from cellulose, which is derived from forests, forest resources in the process of construction related to economic and social welfare of the population indicates that behave appropriately.

FCP (Free Chlorine Process)
Recycling of paper produced from chlorine bleaching step.

EU Eco Label
The European Eco-label is, independent and impartial organisations responsible for national-level implementation consisting of a European certificate issued by the European Commission. The European Eco-label indicates that, low air and water emissions in the production of paper, making in the electricity consumption is low, wasting management is well done and human health in terms of the necessary measures are taken.

FSC All Green

We have been designing and producing luxurious handcrafted wedding stationery for brides in Turkey, the UK and many other European countries for more than twenty years. We started serving the US market since 2015, working with highly valued vendors and event planners all over US.
We design bespoke wedding invitations and stationery, matching the wedding concept of our customers. Each year new models are designed, produced and added to our collection. We produce and hand finish all of our stationery in-house and have complete control over the quality. Using the finest materials and with great attention to detail, we will typeset, print and hand-finish your stationery to the highest standard. All our papers are FSC certified, produced from trees grown in sustainable forests. We love our work, and get more enthusiastic and excited as we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.