All copyright is wholly owned and reserved by LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations. All designs are exclusive and original to LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations and are protected by copyright law. It is not allowed to copy in whole or in part any of the designs, layout, photography created by LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations.

It is illegal to reproduce any item, text, copy, design or content from this site without express permission from LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations. Modification and/or reuse of stationery for other occasions/uses is prohibited.

LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations, holds ownership and copyright on all designs whether custom or existing.
Violations of copyright on any of our content including design, text, imagery or other will be vigorously pursued.

Ownership of Photography

By supplying images to LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations, for use in stationery, you certify that;

1. You are the parent or guardian of the baby or child, or have obtained the consent of the parent or guardian to use the photos provided.

2. You have the rights to use any information and / or pictures supplied by yourself.

3. Professional images that are provided to you by a professional photographer may be protected by copyright laws and cannot be reproduced without permission from the photographer.

By supplying images to LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations, you agree to hold harmless and to indemnify LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations, for all liability, damages, and expenses it may incur as a result of processing  and printing copy written photographs and reproductions, including any other person claiming an interest in the photos. LovelyKnot Wedding Invitations reserves the right to refuse to use images and cancel your order if we suspect the images may infringe on someone else’s copyright.

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