What you need to do is the following:

Option 1;


We have 3 albums, you can choose one, two or all:

The cargo cost is included in the prices. We will add paper swatch booklet and acrylic swatches, for free..


Option 2;

You can purchase minimum 10 samples;

  • $10 per unit for paper invitations,
  • $15 per unit for laser cut invitations
  • $20 per unit for wood, acrylic, fabric coated and UV printing invitations
  • $25 per unit for box invitations.
  • Additional $30-40 cargo cost.

You can order our albums and samples via emailing us or on our web page. At the section of ‘Ordering Albums’ and ‘Ordering Samples’ there is button of ‘buy now’. You can also download the Mail Order Form; you can fill in and send to us, to pay by your credit card. (Your credit card must be open to international payments.) After your purchase, your order will be send to your address by FEDEX or UPS. You become our dealer, we will send you a user password, to enter our Dealer Resources section. You will be able to reach all our retail prices for all models, our albums, addressing template, order form, image upload section and mail order form for credit card payment alternative to Paypal.

Dealer Request Form